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Recently, for a Rusty Web by Sean McArthur
It’s been a few months since I shifted my focus full time to Rust, and in that time, we’ve gotten a lot of work done! I wanted to update you here what all that is, since it’s spread around on multiple repositories.
Porting Rust to WebAssembly by John-John Tedro
I recently spent some effort trying to make reproto run in a browser. Here I want to outline the problems I encountered and how I worked around them. I will also provide a number of suggestions for how things might be improved for future porters.
Fanta: An opinionated framework for web development in rust by Peter Mertz
Fanta is a web framework that aims for developers to be productive and consistent across projects and teams. Its goals are to be: Opinionated, Fast, and Intuitive. Based heavily off of the work here:
Gameland intro, reimplemented in Rust for WebAssembly by Per Lundberg
My nice brother Johannes Ridderstedt sent me some old files a few weeks ago (in late 2017), stuff that he had preserved from an age-old computer of ours. One of these was the file named (not published yet, but I might put it up here some day.) I managed to get this running, and liked what I saw (you'll find the YouTube link to it further down on this page.) Around this time I was reading a bit about WebAssembly which I think will redefine and help reshape the web as we see it today. I was also looking at the Hello, Rust web page, and the "FizzleFade effect using a Feistel network" page in particular.
Event Sourcing with Aggregates in Rust by Kevin Hoffman
Everyone loves event sourcing, right up until the moment they have to implement it. At that moment all the wonderful whiteboard drawings…
Deploying A Rust Server to Google App Engine with Travis CI & Docker by Morgan A. Gallant
I woke up this morning with one goal: to convert my website ( into a Rust web server. I have been a long time fan of…
A Wee Allocator for WebAssembly by Nick Fitzgerald
Introducing wee_alloc. wee_alloc is a work-in-progress memory allocator designed for WebAssembly. It has a tiny code size footprint, compiling down to only a kilobyte of .wasm code.
I rewrote a Nintendo emulator with Rust / WebAssembly (Japanese) by bokuweb
概要 以前、JSで書いた(ファミコンのエミュレータを書いた - undefined)ファミコンのエミュレータをRustで書き直してみた。 また、技術的な内容はQiitaの方にも書いているので興味のある方は参照してみてください。(まだ Hello, World!までしか書けてませんが。) もともとファミコンのエミュレータって新しい言語を習得するのにちょうどいい題材だったりするのでは、って話しからスタートしてて、よくわからないのでJSで書いてみて、ようやくRustで一通りは実装できた感じ。まだバグや未実装(音声周りやマッパー)も多いんですが、ひとまずはお腹いっぱいな感じ。 成果…
DataFusion: Big Data Platform for Rust by Andy Grove
DataFusion is an open-source Big Data platform implemented in the Rust programming language with a similar programming style to Apache Spark.
Rust and WebAssembly with Turtle - /var/blog by Marshall Pierce
In this post, I'll walk through a few of the highlights of getting Turtle, a Rust library for creating animated drawings, to run in the browser with WebAssembly.