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When I began this project, many months ago, there were no good resources on Tokio. I procrastinated on writing this blog series, but my intention was for it to be a guide on using Tokio and implementing a real project. A reference of sorts. When I began populating this blog in March, there still weren’t any resources. That is no longer the case. I recently discovered that Tokio added a much better tutorial in June.

This project/tutorial series was my way of learning Rust and Tokio, and I’ve gained a lot out of it. However, the mini-redis tutorial that I linked above seems to cover everything that I would. By the end of this section, we’ll have a client-server architecture that is easily extensible to be a compliant MQTT broker, but I won’t continue the tutorial to create a full-blown MQTT server. If people are interested, I can continue the series, but I don’t see the need for it anymore. So let’s continue from where we left off.

mqtt async

In the last section, we went over the MQTT protocol and our proposed architecture. By the end of this tutorial, we’ll have a tiny little broker that will accept clients and play ping-pong, and we’ll also have learned a bit about Tokio and how to use it. So let’s get started. Now, my Rust isn’t the greatest, some of you probably know way more than I do. If you’ve got any criticisms, I encourage you to send them to me.


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