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We’re proud to announce mockiato! For the last few months, we tackled the issue of creating a usable mocking library. Our primary goals were: Ease of use: The mocks are written in idiomatic Rust and don’t rely on custom macro syntax. Maintainability: The entire code base strives to follow the rules of Clean Code and Clean Architecture as specified by Robert C. Martin. Strict expectation enforcement: Mockiato catches unexpected behavior as soon as it happens instead of returning default values.


Currently, testing UIs is difficult, but with gtk-test you can test basically everything UI-related way more simply.

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It’s been a while since I last suggested Mutation Testing in Rust, almost two years ago. Since then I got sidetracked a lot, and later lost interest. Just one more cool project I couldn’t afford to take on. But as things go, my interest in mutation testing was rekindled, and I decided to give it a shot and do more than blogging about it.


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