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WebGPU is a new graphics and compute API designed on the grounds of W3C organization (mostly) by the browser vendors. It’s designed for the Web, used by JavaScript and WASM applications, and driven by the shared principles of Web APIs. It doesn’t have to be only for the Web though. In this post, I want to share the vision of why WebGPU on native platforms is important to me. This is highly subjective and doesn’t represent any organization I’m in.


gfx-rs is a Rust project aiming to make low-level GPU programming portable with low overhead. It’s a single Vulkan-like Rust API with multiple backends that implement it: Direct3D 12/11, Metal, Vulkan, and even OpenGL.

wgpu-rs is a Rust project on top of gfx-rs that provides safety, accessibility, and even stronger portability.


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