Read Rust


Read Rust collects interesting posts related to the Rust programming language. It is run by Wesley Moore with contributions from the Rust community. Find me on Twitter or Mastodon. You can support my work via GitHub Sponsors.

Read Rust is an open source project. The source code and issue tracker are hosted on GitHub.


I am a proponent of the open web and as a result the content of Read Rust is available in a number of machine readable formats. There are feeds available for the whole site, as well as each of the categories:

In order to discover new posts I subscribe to a lot of Rust related RSS feeds. The list is available in OPML (readily importable into feed readers):

Social Media

Read Rust also has social media accounts, which automatically post each newly added post:


How do I subscribe?

Subscribe to one of the feeds in a feed reader. There are feeds for all news posts as well as for individual categories. Some feed readers are shown below. I use and recommend Feedbin + Reeder:

Alternatively you may follow Read Rust on Twitter, Mastodon or Facebook.

What is JSON Feed?

A format similar to RSS and Atom but in JSON. For more details visit the JSON Feed website.