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Nom's official documentation includes trivially simple examples (e.g. how to parse a hexadecimal RGB color code) and very complicated examples (e.g. how to parse json). When I first learned nom I found a steep learning curve in between the simple and complex examples. Furthermore, previous versions of nom, and most of the existing documentation, use macros. From nom 5.0 onward macros are soft-deprecated in favor of functions. This tutorial aims to fill the gap between simple and complex parsers by parsing the contents of /proc/mounts, and it demonstrates the use of functions instead of macros.

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nom, the Rust parser combinators library, is now available at version 5. This is the most mature version of nom. This is the one that feels “done”. This is the parser library that I wanted when I started nom 5 years ago. It’s here at last. nom 5 is a complete rewrite of the internal architecture, to use functions instead of macros, while keeping backward compatibility with existing macros based parsers, and making the error type completely generic.

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