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A new alpha version is up for test/review. It’s starting to look like a real client! Some highlights are:

* Support for async IO using the smol runtime. IMAP backend is now async.
* imap: add server_password_command
* Add optional SMTP client. Instead of using an external command (I was using msmtp for example) meli can connect to an SMTP server by itself. See documentation for send_mail option.
* Custom themes

I managed to compile meli to WebAssembly, and made an online demo so that you can get a feel for it without having to download/build it first. It’s not perfect, but it works.


Summary: New mail stores available: IMAP, notmuch join Maildir and mbox. Tagging, Embed your editor in the composing tab without ever leaving meli, vCard support, Search, GPG signatures, signing and verifying, mailcap support, format=flowed support.


With mda-rs I wanted to create an experience as close as possible to using an interpreted domain specific language, the approach follow by typical MDAs, while still having the performance and power of a full, compiled language at the fingertips. One aspect of this experience was providing an API that feels like natural fit for the intended purpose. The other aspect was providing a straightforward way to build a custom MDA. For this second aspect, the simplicity of Rust's cargo was one of the reasons I decided to use Rust for this project.


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