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We recently learned that the WebAssembly build in our system isn't deterministic any longer. This is a short summary of what we did to chase down the bug in the hope that this helps others facing similar issues, give some help and guidance on what to try or how this kind of thing works.

debugging wasm

wgpu is a native WebGPU implementation in Rust, developed by gfx-rs community with help of Mozilla. It’s still an emerging technology, and it has many users:

* Gecko and Servo - for implementing WebGPU in the browsers
* wgpu-rs - for using idiomatically from Rust
* wgpu-native - for using from C language and others binding to C (Scopes, Python, even Julia), striving for C header compatibility with Dawn via the shared webgpu-headers.

Given the diversity of platforms and configurations it runs, and the variety of users, the questions of reproducing issues, debugging, and testing the implementation were critical to resolve.


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