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zbus is a Rust crate for D-Bus. In short, zbus allows you to communicate from one program to another, using the D-Bus protocol. In other words, it’s an inter-process communication (IPC) solution. It is a very popular IPC solution on Linux and many Linux services (e.g systemd, NetworkManager) and desktop environments (e.g GNOME and KDE), rely on D-Bus for their IPC needs. There are many tools and implementations available, making it easy to interact with D-Bus programs from different languages and environments.

zbus is a 100% Rust-native implementation of the D-Bus protocol. It provides both an API to send and receive messages over a connection, as well as API to interact with peers through high-level concepts like method calls, signals and properties2. Thanks to the power of Rust macros, zbus is able to make interacting with D-Bus very easy.


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