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This blog post is the last one of a series exploring SIMD support with Rust on Android. In the previous two posts, I introduced how to compile Rust libraries for Android and detect SIMD instructions supported by the CPU at runtime.

Today, we’ll see how to effectively use the SIMD instructions themselves, and get the most performance out of them. After an introduction on running Rust benchmarks (and unit tests) on Android devices, we’ll measure the performance in various scenarios offered by Rust, and see that the overhead of CPU feature detection can be non-trivial. I’ll then describe various ways to reduce this overhead.

Lastly, I’ll present updated benchmarks on ARM of Horcrux, my Rust implementation of Shamir’s Secret Sharing, and see how they compare to Intel.

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For more than a decade, memory safety vulnerabilities have consistently represented more than 65% of vulnerabilities across products, and across the industry. On Android, we’re now seeing something different - a significant drop in memory safety vulnerabilities and an associated drop in the severity of our vulnerabilities. This drop coincides with a shift in programming language usage away from memory unsafe languages. Android 13 is the first Android release where a majority of new code added to the release is in a memory safe language.


In addition to ongoing and upcoming efforts to improve detection of memory bugs, we are ramping up efforts to prevent them in the first place. Memory-safe languages are the most cost-effective means for preventing memory bugs. In addition to memory-safe languages like Kotlin and Java, we’re excited to announce that the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) now supports the Rust programming language for developing the OS itself.


Hey everyone and welcome! Let’s run our rust app on Android. If you will search this query on the web, you will find only Mozilla’s 2017 blog post and some copypastes. Some rules have changed (but a little).


The following are examples to render Fractal image in Android bitmap with Rust.


What if I told you that you could use the same very performant code in Android, iOS or even in Flutter. In this article, we’ll see how to achieve this with Rust.

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