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Software Security is a Programming Languages Issue by Michael Hicks
This is the the last of three posts on the course I regularly teach, CS 330, Organization of Programming Languages. The first two posts covered programming language styles and mathematical concepts. This post covers the last 1/4 of the course, which focuses on software security, and related to that, the programming language Rust.
Xori - Custom disassembly framework by Amanda Rousseau and Rich Seymour
Xori is an automation-ready disassembly and static analysis library that consumes shellcode or PE binaries and provides triage analysis data.
Accelerating Edwards Curve Arithmetic with Parallel Formulas by Henry de Valence
The fastest formulas for elliptic curve operations were published by Hisil, Wong, Carter, and Dawson in their 2008 paper Twisted Edwards Curves Revisited. Their paper also describes a parallel version of their formulas, designed to execute four streams of instructions on four independent processors. Until now, these parallel formulas don’t seem to have been implemented in software. But a closer look reveals that slightly modifying the formulas allows the expensive instructions to be executed in uniform, making a vectorized SIMD implementation possible.

I implemented this strategy in Rust, targeting 256-bit wide AVX2 operations. The resulting implementation performs double-base scalar multiplication faster than other Ed25519 implementations I tested, and is even faster than FourQ without endomorphisms
RustSec Advisory Database by Rust Project Developers
Security advisory database for Rust crates published through