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Building and Deploying Rust with VSTS by Claus
Since I started at Microsoft about 6 months ago, I had to catch up on their (our) tech: Azure, .NET, Visual Studio. Yet as an avid GitHub user I overlooked one thing completely: Visual Studio Team Services! Turns out it’s quite the hidden gem and after a colleague showed me some of its power, I had to look into it more deeply. Turns out it’s an easy and free resource for any project. Can it help your project? Yes! How? Find out below 😊
Docker Multi-Stage Build by Jones Magloire
On June 13, 2017 took place the Paris Container Day. They unveiled a new docker feature: multi-stage build. That's the subject of this article.
My Rust Dockerfile by Fredrik Park
Lets deploy small docker images for Rust
Deploying A Rust Server to Google App Engine with Travis CI & Docker by Morgan A. Gallant
I woke up this morning with one goal: to convert my website ( into a Rust web server. I have been a long time fan of…