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Posts about getting Rust to production.


Rust with Rocket + Elm running on Heroku by Ethan Frei
I had this goal of making a web app that was very fast, stable and easy to deploy. This is what I was hoping to accomplish: strongly typed server-side and client-side languages (Rust & Elm respectively), push-button deployments to the cloud with free hosting initially, and sub-second response times for API calls and page loads. With this setup, I think I'm well on my way to accomplishing each of these.
Even faster rust builds in Gitlab CI by Vados
tl;dr - I applied a few patterns I’ve used on other projects to a Gitlab CI-powered rust project to achieve <2min builds. Basically just caching at different layers – caching via the docker image builder pattern at the docker level, aggressive caching with Gitlab CI at the CI runner level, also one more step of combining some build steps (probably unnecessarily).
Setting up gitlab-ci for Rust by Alexander Polakov
We're going to create a multi-stage pipeline based on the one I'm using at work, featuring: a build image, linting, test & release builds, and docker containers
Building and Deploying Rust with VSTS by Claus
Since I started at Microsoft about 6 months ago, I had to catch up on their (our) tech: Azure, .NET, Visual Studio. Yet as an avid GitHub user I overlooked one thing completely: Visual Studio Team Services! Turns out it’s quite the hidden gem and after a colleague showed me some of its power, I had to look into it more deeply. Turns out it’s an easy and free resource for any project. Can it help your project? Yes! How? Find out below 😊
Docker Multi-Stage Build by Jones Magloire
On June 13, 2017 took place the Paris Container Day. They unveiled a new docker feature: multi-stage build. That's the subject of this article.
My Rust Dockerfile by Fredrik Park
Lets deploy small docker images for Rust
Deploying A Rust Server to Google App Engine with Travis CI & Docker by Morgan A. Gallant
I woke up this morning with one goal: to convert my website ( into a Rust web server. I have been a long time fan of…