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There are few times when I'm so excited about a new feature that I'll write about it before multiple PRs are merged in multiple repos. Typically one would wait and have the patience until everything is fully merged to master yet I can't wait to talk about this one cause it's just too damn cool.

What this new branch offers is a way to instantly reboot cloud vms whenever your application dies a horrible death. Let's say a bunch of bad packets from the wrong side of town arrive and decide to shoot your vm full of lead. In a typical linux setup that instance is probably dead, Jim. Your load balancer might start re-routing around it. In a container setup you might get the same sort of deal. Sure, if it was just the process that died systemd might be configured to restart on failure but the whole box?

However, what if you weren't running a full blown linux as your base vm? What if your base vm was only a single application that your vm booted straight into and your application was re-spawned in seconds as if it was a process instead of a vm?


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