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This article provides an overview of the compilation process and structure of Rust compiler. The main focus will be on the Mid-level Intermediate Representation (MIR) and understanding it.


For most of 2018, we've been issuing warnings about various bugs in the borrow checker that we plan to fix -- about two months ago, in the current Rust nightly, those warnings became hard errors. In about two weeks, when the nightly branches to become beta, those hard errors will be in the beta build, and they will eventually hit stable on December 19th, as part of Rust 1.40.0. If you're testing with Nightly, you should be all set -- but otherwise, you may want to go and check to make sure your code still builds. If not, we have advice for fixing common problems below.


The Learning Working Group, formed in April 2019, is focused on making the compiler easier to learn by ensuring that rustc-guide and API docs are "complete". It is one of the many efforts by the Rust Compiler team to decrease the barrier of contributing to the compiler.


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