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This is chapter 6 of a multi-part series on writing a RISC-V OS in Rust. Processes are the whole point of the operating system. We want to start doing "stuff", which we'll fit into a process and get it going. We will update the process structure in the future as we add features to a process. For now, we need a program counter (which instruction is executing), and a stack for local memory.

We will not create our standard library for processes. In this chapter, we're just going to write kernel functions and wrap them into a process. When we start creating our user processes, we will need to read from the block device and start executing instructions. That's quite a ways a way, since we will need system calls and so forth.


RISC-V ("risk five") and the Rust programming language both start with an R, so naturally they fit together. In this blog, we will write an operating system targeting the RISC-V architecture in Rust (mostly). If you have a sane development environment for RISC-V, you can skip the setup parts right to bootloading. Otherwise, it'll be fairly difficult to get started.

This tutorial will progressively build an operating system from start to something that you can show your friends or parents -- if they're significantly young enough. Since I'm rather new at this I decided to make it a "feature" that each blog post will mature as time goes on. More details will be added and some will be clarified.


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