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This is going to be somewhat reminscent of that owl meme. I had plans for some more posts about a new codec abstraction, my async STM32 IO crate, and maybe the overall architecture, but one thing led to another, and now I have a complete project to talk about. I'll give an overview of the main points of interest so that the other rust/embedded posts aren't required reading. I'm also kind of writing to two audiences here, so if you're a Rust person, but not a keeb person, feel free to skip stuff and vice-versa.


Now that I’m 6,400 miles away from my dear robot track saw and its precision positioning system, I need to find a new outlet for my embedded Rust habit.

Luckily, I’m now that much closer to Shenzhen, so I thought I’d build myself a travel ergonomic keyboard — in particular, a low profile, ortholinear (keys are in straight columns, not staggered), split (two entirely separate halves) wireless keyboard.


The case is 3D printed with natural PLA. The development board is based on a STM32F401 with a USB-C port.

Gateron silent clear as switches, and basic DSA keycaps.

Layout is basically based on the Lily58 without the inner keys and with more stagger (but less than a Kyria). Angle between the 2 parts is 30°. You can also feel the Atreus inspiration in the unsplitted with a convex case design.


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