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git-trim automatically trims your git remote tracking branches that are merged or gone.


Today I'm happy to announce the first release of dev-suite, a cross platform collection of tools designed to redistribute distributed work and help remove vendor lock in from large corporations. You can find a read-only copy of the code on these three sites:

- Gitlab
- GitHub
- Bitbucket

In an effort to build the future I laid out in my initial post about dev-suite I self host the write version of the repo and automatically push changes to the sites above so people can view the code on their platform of choice. The goal of dev-suite is to provide similar or better functionality to the above sites and have things live alongside your code so that it won't matter where you host your code. Making it easier to leave the platforms if they support organizations like ICE or do something you're not comfortable with. You're free to move wherever rather than being tied to a centralized service owned by some large corporation due to it's integrations and value add such as ticketing or CI/CD. I'll talk more about how this works with the tools released today and how you can get involved down below.


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