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Since my last post I've been working on building the humble beginnings of an ecosystem around the ESP32 for Rust. The short version of this post is as follows:

* This PR means the quickstart repo can now flash and run code without a debugger! Simply using the flash or flash_release scripts will flash your code and begin running your code
* idf2svd has been created which uses the documentation from esp-idf to generate svd files fit for consumption by svd2rust
* Based on the generated SVD file, there is now a PAC (Peripheral access crate) for the ESP32.


I've previously worked the ESP32's predecessor, the ESP8266, both devices have a RISC CPU that runs an ISA called Xtensa.

This was a few years back and I was programming most of my embedded projects in C, Since then I fell in love with Rust and have been using it for a few projects, especially ones which are relatively close to hardware, such as programming an ESP32, so last week when I started looking programming the device I checked to see if I could target it with rust.

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