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Newsbeuter have been mature and stable for a long time, and Newsboat inherited that. With that stability also comes a long “tail of support”: our latest release can be built with an old C++ compiler and linked to old libraries, all orchestrated by any version of GNU Make. And it’s not just a theoretical brag: with 111 Newsboat packages known to Repology, you can bet your bottom dollar that some of them weren’t built with the latest GCC 9, weren’t linked against the latest cURL, and didn’t have docs generated by an up-to-date Asciidoc.

Unfortunately, we can’t have that sort of support with Rust: the core language and library alone reached its 1.0 milestone a year after the release of the oldest C++ compiler we support. The rest of the ecosystem is necessarily even less mature.

And yet, I tried to provide that level of support.


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