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A Rust driver crate for the ADXL355 digital accelerometer. This driver accepts an embedded-hal SPI interface and a GPIO OutputPin (for the chip select). It implements the Accelerometer Trait so you can easily obtain both raw sensor data and scaled-to-Standard-gravity sensor data.

The ADXL355 is one of the best three axis digital accelerometers that I know of. It has a noise floor of only 25 µg/√Hz. For example, the very popular MPU9250 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) specifies 300 µg/√Hz for its noise density. One order of magnitude higher.

Of course the ADXL355 is more expensive, but I think it hits a nice sweet spot between the low end IMUs and very high end and high cost MEMS accelerometers (with noise densities of around 7 µg/√Hz).


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