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If you or your company benefits from Rust and its ecosystem consider supporting it. There are many ways to support Rust:

Open source has a bit of a problem with sustainability and burning people out. Paying people is one way that we can help compensate them for their time and make open source more sustainable.

Below are people and projects contributing to the Rust ecosystem that are accepting financial contributions. If you or your company is able, consider supporting one or more of these fine folks in their work making Rust better. See also Aaron Turon's list.

To add to, or update this list please raise an issue.

Rust Creators

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Jacky Alciné

Jacky is working on ActivityDesk, a native desktop application written in Rust and Qt that provides a means of interacting with the social Web from your personal desktop.

Alex Lyon

Alex primarily maintains the various uutils projects but also contributes occasionally to other community projects like Redox (in particular relibc) and (rarely) the Rust standard library.

Igor Matuszewski

Igor is a member of the Rust Dev tools team working on the Rust Language Server (RLS), and other dev tools.


QuietMisdreavus leads the the Rustdoc Team, helping organize issue triage and reviewing new contributions to the documentation tool.

Stjepan Glavina

Stjepan works on Rust concurrency crates like crossbeam, rayon, and tokio.

Jorge Aparicio

Embedded Rust extraordinaire Jorge has built and published all kinds of crates to make embedded Rust not only possible but interoperable and safe.

Chris Krycho

Chris published the New Rustacean podcast and is now working on open source software.

Matthias Endler

Matthias publishes the Hello Rust! show featuring live coding sessions building in, and exploring Rust.

Florian Gilcher

Florian is a RustFest organiser, member of the Rust Community team, and Events team lead.

Jeremy Soller

Jeremy is the creator and lead developer of Redox OS, a Unix-like microkernel operating system written in Rust.

Leonora Tindall

Leonora maintains iui, a cross-platform UI toolkit for Rust based on libui and is working on rloris, a Rust implementation of slow HTTP DoS techniques.

Dirkjan Ochtman

Dirkjan is a Rust contributor, blogger, and coder known for:

Pierre Krieger

Pierre has built and maintains many popular crates such as:

Raph Levien

Raph started the xi-editor project and also maintains pulldown-cmark and a number of other Rust crates. Recently he started working on skribo, a library for low-level text layout. Raph posts about his projects on his blog.

Sean Griffin

Sean created Diesel, an ORM and query builder and co-leads the team that manages They're the person who gets woken up at 3 AM if the service goes down.


The Amethyst project is creating a fast, reliable, open-source game engine. It uses an Entity Component System (ECS) architecture and gfx-rs to render graphics with OpenGL, and soon Vulkan and Metal.


Plume is a federated blogging application built on ActivityPub.


Aardwolf is the engine behind a new Facebook-like social platform built on ActivityPub.

Wesley Moore

Wesley is the curator of Read Rust, this very website! I scour the internet for interesting Rust posts so you dont have to. I'm a member of the Rust Content team and publish crates, such as: ssd1675, cc2650, feedfinder, and profont.

Measly Twerp

Measly Twerp has built and published these crates:

Aaron Power

Aaron is a Rust contributor, creator of tokei, a fast lines of code counter and Mammut, a client for the Mastodon API.


Kornel is the creator of, a fast, lightweight site to find quality Rust libraries and applications. They're also a contributor to Rust and many crates, including:

Philipp Oppermann

Philipp is publishing a book on Writing an OS in Rust and also maintains crates for OS development:

Jon Gjengset

Jon is a Rust live coder, and builder of Rust implementations of HdrHistogram, Faktory, and the IMAP protocol. They're also doing research on building a fast new database engine.

Pascal Hertleif

Pascal works on cargo-edit, rustfix, and diesel and blogs about Rust at

Aaron Hill

Aaron works on the Rust compiler fixing bugs and panics amongst other things. They also contribute to Cargo.

Jonas Platte

Jonas is the creater of, contributor to the Ruma Matrix client and Fest GTK+ Matrix chat client.

Simon N Heath

Simon works on ggez, a lightweight game framework and gfx-rs, a low-level, cross-platform graphics library.

Sébastien Crozet

Sébastien is building maths and physics crates including:

Cyryl Płotnicki

Cyryl runs a free program that teaches people Rust and a free fuzzing service for Rust projects. Cyryl's open source contributions include cargo, the Rust compiler itself and some libraries around that as well.

Bernhard Schuster

Bernhard's two major projects are:


R-iendo is an open source company specializing in Rust. They are the creators of Yarte, a fast HTML templating engine with Handlebars-like syntax.

Denis Kolodin

Denis created Yew, a front-end framework designed for WebAssembly. It was inspired by Elm, Redux and React.


Dessalines is building Lemmy - A link aggregator built on ActivityPub. Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit,, Raddle, or Hacker News.

Jovansonlee Cesar

Jovansonlee works on:

Peter Atashian

Peter primarily works on winapi, but also other Windows related libraries as well as Rust itself. They also contribute to the the Rust community, assisting people wherever possible, especially with Windows specific problems.


antoyo works on many open source projects. The most popular are:

They also contribute to gtk-rs and are the maintainer of webkit2gtk-rs.

Nikolai Vazquez

Nikolai is building Hexe, a cross-platform chess engine.

Jake "ferris" Taylor

ferris built Rustual Boy, a Virtual Boy emulator. They also do streams either about it or while doing it, then upload them to YouTube.

Bruce Mitchener

Bruce is creating a workbench environment centered around structured information. Along the way, they've also produced many new libraries in the Rust programming language to support these goals.

Anselm Eickhoff

Anselm is building Citybound, a city-building game. Citybound is being developed completely open source, with regular prototype releases for you to try out!

Félix Saparelli

Félix is the maintainer of the Notify crate used by Alacritty, Cargo Watch, Cargo Web, and mdBook.

Yutaka Matsubara

Yutaka is building Firestarter, a process and shared socket manager. Firestarter shares sockets using the systemd socket passing protocol.

Jan Bujak

Jan is working on crates to support using Rust on the web:

Also check out their NES emulator compiled to WebAssembly which is powered by these crates.

Guillaume Gomez

Guillaume is a Rust team member working on improving Rust's errors, documentation, and rustdoc. Their projects include:

Yurii Rashkovskii

Yurii is passionate about decentralized collaboration (aka "edge computing", "desert computing", "true serverless"), and creating open/free solutions for developers. They recently released SIT (Serverless Information Tracker).

Kevin K.

Kevin is the creator and maintainer of the extremely popular clap crate, and the cargo-outdated Cargo sub-command.

Ashley Williams

Ashley is a member of the Rust Core Team, Rust WebAssembly working group and lead of the Community and teams. Ashley also maintains the wasm-pack and cargo-generate projects.

Geoffroy Couprie

Geoffroy is the creator of the nom parser combinator crate and syslog crate. He also contributes to the Sōzu HTTP reverse proxy and lapin asynchronous AMQP client.

Paul Masurel

Paul is the creator of the Tantivy full-text search engine library inspired by Apache Lucene. As well as the bitpacking crate containing SIMD algorithms for integer compression via bitpacking.

Maik Klein

Maik is creating the Rust to SPIR-V (Vulkan shading language) compiler rlsl.